All About Industries 4.0

Stepping Into The Future Of Innovation Technology

Industry 4.0 is taking India by storm. It encompasses the convergence of ten digital technologies. Kalpataru promotes startups to showcase thought leadership in all domains of Industry 4.0


Industrial Robots

Industrial robots are autonomous & co-operating hands ideal for manufacturing. Kalpataru provides startups with the infrastructural support to build sensors and interfaces to enable high-impact execution.



Simulation helps software programs replicate the behavior of the real network. Kalpataru helps entrepreneurs optimize networks based on real-time data from intelligent systems and guide them to successful outcomes.


Systems Integration

It refers to data integration based on defined data transfer standards. At Kalpataru, we ensure that the separate system pieces work together correctly and that the system’s design qualities and characteristics are met.


Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT enables organizations to automate processes and cut labor costs. Entities at Kalpataru are supported with increased network agility and the technical capacity to deploy, automate, orchestrate, and upgrade applications of IoT across vast network servers. 


Artificial Intelligence

Integrating machines to take on complex tasks of humans is the culmination of all AI efforts. At Kalpataru, mentors help entities create expert systems and ultimately implement them to optimize their products/ innovations/ services.


Industrial Drones

Automated drones are widely used for industry surveillance & security purposes. The incubatees/ participants at Kalpataru are guided through employing exploring cost-effective and faster technology to empower industrial drones.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality serves a great deal in computer and mobile applications to recreate a physical world online. The participants at Kalpataru have access to excellent mentorship, funds, and marketing pipelines to best showcase their technological applications/ products.


Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing involves transforming computer-aided designs (CAD) into layered hardware models of precise geometric shapes. Kalpataru helps participants access the vast technological resources to combine complex geometries with a simplified fabrication process.


Industrial 3D Printing

Creating physical objects from mere digital designs increases the production scale for many organizations. Kalpataru provides its participants with ample resources, funding, and technical infrastructure to bring their inventions to the forefront to add value to the manufacturing industry. 


Big Data and Analytics

Big Data Analytics enables organizations to harness their data resources and find new opportunities. Kalpataru has access to the right resources and data reserves that allow participants to analyze raw data & make better-informed performance decisions.